Matthew Zakharuk

they/he (Zah-khah-ROOK)

Writer and cover designer. Author of trans sapphic fiction in SFF & horror.Imago: A Dystopian Gothic out now!Cover commissions OPEN.


NEW RELEASE: "Imago: A Dystopian Gothic," lesbian dark academia horror.

Cover Design

Affordable and striking covers made with indie authors in mind.



Caught in a deadly conspiracy, a student must unravel her town’s secret before it devours her.

  • Dark academia

  • Lesbian transmasc NB/NB

  • Linguistic magic

  • Arctic horror

Content warnings: police brutality, graphic violence, torture, misogyny, mild transphobia

A placeholder cover for "Imago: A Dystopian Gothic" by Matthew Zakharuk.

All Orbits Decay Homeward

Trans cyborgs persevering in a dying world.

  • Cyberpunk

  • F/NB

  • ~30 min read

Content warnings: climate apocalypse

A placeholder cover for "Imago: A Dystopian Gothic" by Matthew Zakharuk.

Cover Design

I offer professional and eye-catching covers at affordable rates. I use stock art and photography in my designs. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work.



Below are the services I offer and the price ranges you can expect. The exact quotes for Premium and Full services will depend on the complexity of your design and, if you include a budget for paid stock assets, the price of those assets.


A clean and affordable design for an ebook cover. Audiobook cover included for an extra $5 on request.Includes 2 free revisions.



An ebook cover that offers a detailed execution of your vision. Audiobook cover included for free on request.Includes 5 free revisions.

$80 - $130


A print-ready cover (front + spine + back), plus a separated front cover for your ebook edition. Audiobook cover included for free on request.Includes unlimited free revisions.

$200 - $250

Minor text edits that do not impact the overall layout of the design (e.g., changing your name from James Rose to Jane Rose) are done free of charge and are not counted towards your revisions.Separated background images can be provided on request (e.g., for marketing purposes). Original .psd files can be provided for an extra fee.


If you want to commission me for a cover, please use the commission form instead.

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I am currently open to commissions. I accept payments via PayPal or direct bank transfer (half upfront, half on completion). If you're unable to use these payment methods, I'm open to discussing options that will accommodate you.I do not use generative AI or AI-generated assets.The usual turnaround for my commissions is two weeks after first payment. If you need the cover done sooner, we can negotiate a specific deadline. This will incur an extra fee.